It can be very difficult to know what kind of support you might need when your child is having problems. When you email us with your enquiry we’ll match you with the right therapist to meet your needs and we will offer honest advice on what we think the problem is and whether we can help. If we can’t help we can advise on who could. 

Initial assessment/consultation in clinic/remote


(dependent on your Psychologist’s rates and whether a longer session is required, 1 hour to 1.5 hours)

Ongoing appointments


(dependent on your Psychologist’s rates, 1 hour)

Home Visits

Price upon request (depending on where you live this may not differ from the clinic cost)

School visits/nursery visits

Price upon request

Cognitive assessments

Priced at request depending on what is required

Including assessment session (up to two hours), scoring and report writing time, feedback session (up to 1 hour) and report

ASD assessments

Priced at request depending on what is required (e.g. ADOS, DISCO, home/school observation, screening tools)

Other assessments

Skype, telephone consultations, teaching sessions etc all priced at request

How you can pay

You can pay electronically after every session through bank transfer or cash.  If you prefer we also support payment through Paypal.


We recognise that in our busy lives cancellations are often unavoidable! If you do need to change your appointment please contact us as soon as possible so we can continue to be responsive to your needs. Unfortunately, cancellations within 24 hours will attract a small charge to cover room and administrative costs (20% of session price), to keep costs down for our families.

Your Psychologist will advise you on session costs prior to the initial session.

Some of our therapists are also registered with private insurance companies, though this depends on availability. Please discuss your registration and how to make a claim with your psychologist prior to your sessions.