What we believe

We don’t provide ‘one size fits all’ therapy .

Individualised approaches

We don’t provide ‘one size fits all’ therapy and ensure our approaches are tailored to meet your needs. For example, parents might to ‘formulate’ their child’s difficulties, based on a range of factors, whereas others are keen to consider a diagnostic understanding.


We aim to offer choice in all areas of our care. Choice about who you see, where you see us, when you see us, what approach to use, how many sessions to see us for etc. We recognise the range of reasons that people may wish to seek private treatment and we are respectful to your desire to consider what treatments are available, either through the NHS, private insurers or privately funded.

No obligations or contracts

You might speak to us on the phone for an initial free consultation, see us for an initial appointment, meet with us on several occasions or engage in long term therapy- it is up to you when you start and end treatment and all we ask is we receive payment prior to or at the first session and you give us 24 hours-notice if you need to cancel.


Often the biggest factor in predicting therapeutic change is the quality of the relationship between therapist and client. We recognise the importance of our relationship with you, and the trust you place in us as therapists.

Honesty and integrity

We can suggest options for treatment, though it is up to you if you want to pursue any of these. We would also advise where it may be preferable to seek support through the NHS. We will always advise if your request is outside our areas of expertise and will point you in the right direction, based on our knowledge of local services.

Treatment informed by best available evidence

We work in accordance with the NICE guidelines and will always suggest the treatment based on the best available evidence. However, this isn’t always the one which is best for you or your young person and sometimes there may be very little evidence of ‘what is best’. In these cases, we will discuss with you which treatment, or combination of treatments, may be best for your family or young person.