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I was skeptical at first; I didn’t believe talking would help me at all. It was after Meeting Amy however ,that I realised how powerful confiding in someone you trust can be. I couldn’t be more grateful for her.

Being quite reserved,  I was surprised at how quickly I gained confidence and was able to confide in Amy. She helped me to learn how to express myself and to help me realise how to turn the defeating thoughts into positive ones, as well as how to articulate my inner most feelings.

I brought my teenage son to Dr. Wood-Mitchell when I was having problems getting him to talk. Her friendly, practical and calm manner relaxed me immediately and I felt comfortable my son was in good hands. She is a complete professional but has a way of making it not seem clinical at all, which is why private psychology was preferred for our family. We have seen great results in my son’s communication and emotional maturity. I would recommend Dr. Wood-Mitchell to anyone seeking adolescent therapy for their child.

Over the past months, I have been seeing Amy and I have never felt so open about my traumatic experience in being admitted to hospital 2 years ago. I have seen many therapists and psychologists over these past years, I have always felt a limit to what I can tell them for the fear of being admitted again. However, with Amy I feel really comfortable about telling her about how this affects my emotions and she has helped me to find ways to keep myself safe as I go to uni next year. Having someone to chat to is extremely helpful and Amy has helped me feel not alone in coming to the end of recovering from a mental illness.

I found Karen’s approach refreshingly down to earth and practical.  Her focus was very much on understanding the underlying issues around disruptive behaviour and developing effective management strategies to address these, rather than unnecessarily labeling the behavior or the child.    She also worked well with my daughter’s school to support them in providing a consistent approach to behavior management that aligned with the home strategy so that my daughter had 360 degree support.   My daughter has made very good progress and we are very positive now about her future. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to other parents.